Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is my gift really tax deductible? Absolutely. The Maroon & Gold Club is a part of the Salisbury University Foundation, a 501-3-C organization. You will receive an acknowledgement letter from the Foundation confirming your gift. It is for your tax records. It is important to remember, that the value of benefit you receive is deducted from your total gift. So if you receive a Maroon & Gold Club Shirt, the cost of that shirt is deducted from your total gift on the acknowledgement letter. If you wish to receive total tax credit for your entire donation, you will need to waive your benefits.
  2. Can I break my donation out over multiple payments? Yes you can, we call this a pledge. We will send you pledge reminders to assist you in remembering your pledge. Any Maroon & Gold Club benefits will be forwarded to you upon reaching each giving level.
  3. Can I designate my gift to a particular sport? Yes you can, just make sure you note that on your Maroon & Gold Club Membership form, on the memo section of your check, or if making a donation online, in the comment section.
  4. Can I split my gift among several sports? Yes you can, you just need to make sure you communicate with the Maroon & Gold Club office. We will just need to know the amount or percentage of your gift that you want to give to each sport. Give us a call at 410-677-5069 for more details.
  5. Please tell me more about the Matching gift program? Many companies have a matching gift program to motivate their employees to be socially aware and philanthropic. In most cases, colleges and universities are included in their program.  The nice thing about the matching gift program is that your gift is now double what it was originally and you receive the benefit credit! If you have specific questions, we will help guide you through the process.
  6. What are other ways to give to the Maroon & Gold Club? There are hundreds of ways you can become a valued part of the Maroon & Gold Club, there is planned giving – where you remember SU Athletics as a part of your will and estate. There are gift-in-kind donations which could include products that are used or needed by our athletic department. You can donate stocks, bonds, and property. You can also help by recruiting other members by getting fans of Sea Gull Athletics to invest in our success! You can serve on the Maron & Gold Club Board of Directors that helps shape the policies and future of the Maroon & Gold Club. If you would like to learn more about any of these opportunities, please contact the office at or call 410-677-5069.
  7. I have a fund raising idea that I have seen work at other schools, would you be interested? Absolutely! Give us a call at 410-677-5069 or email us at and we will take a look at the idea to see if it is feasible under university policy and state law.
  8. What do our Maroon & Gold Club donations get used for? Many things: Budget - Replacement equipment, travel gear, computerized equipment and specialized equipment purchases frequently exceed the athletic budget; Conditioning - Healthy bodies and minds build winning teams. Through The Maroon & Gold Club, the University is able to provide its student-athletes with quality strength and conditioning training as well as top sports medicine treatment; Accommodations - Trips to pre-season tournaments are the norm for today's competitive college athletes. The Maroon & Gold Club helps underwrite travel and accommodation expenses; Building the Future - Resources from The Maroon & Gold Club allows Salisbury’s coaches to upgrade their recruiting efforts and build stronger teams for the future.
  9. I pay taxes. Why should I give the Maroon & Gold Club more money? The reality is the State of Maryland does NOT directly support the Sea Gull athletic program. We depend on monies generated through student fees, and from the loyal support of our fans.
  10. I am business owner, how do I advertise on the scoreboards or in other locations? The Maroon & Gold Club does serve as Sports Marketing / Corporate Partner agent for Sea Gull Athletics. There are many marketing opportunities available, please contact the office at 410-677-5069 or email us at for more details.

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