Sea Gulls in the News: Dabbs embraces Salisbury's work ethic

Sea Gulls in the News: Dabbs embraces Salisbury's work ethic

Lacrosse Magazine (National): Dabbs Embraces Salisbury's Work Ethic


It didn't take long for Preston Dabbs to realize the vibe was all wrong.

Visiting the Salisbury lacrosse offices during the spring of his senior year in high school, Dabbs was excited to talk with head coach Jim Berkman about his future with the Sea Gulls. A faceoff specialist out of St. Mary's (Md.) Ryken, Dabbs was mildly optimistic about his collegiate prospects.

That didn't last long.

"When I walked into Coach's office, I could kind of tell that he really wasn't all that interested," Dabbs said.

"He was sitting in my office his senior year and I remember he was about 5-foot-9, 160 pounds," recalled Berkman. "We started talking about commitment, getting stronger, the whole nine yards. And about coming ready to play."

In reality, the potential for playing time was unlikely. With senior Tyler Granelli and junior Chris Biank returning fresh off a national championship the previous spring, there wouldn't be many extra faceoffs for Dabbs to take. Still, Berkman's snub lingered over the summer.

"I just figured that when I got to college it was going to be a whole new game with the speed, strength and size," Dabbs said. "I'm kind of a smaller guy, so I figured if I didn't keep up with the game it was going to pass me. I was working out six or seven days a week without much of a break and a pretty hard lifting schedule."...

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