SU Weight Rooms

SU Weight Rooms

There are three different weight training rooms on campus. In the Maggs Center there is a weight room on the first floor and fitness room located on the second level. In 2003, a new weight room facility to be used by varsity student-athletes as well as the general student population was created. The University Fitness Center is located on the East Main Campus near the baseball and football offices.

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Below is a description of what is located in each weight room.

 The weight room in Maggs Center Maggs Weight Room (lower level)

  • Eight hammer strength half racks with eighth adjustable benches (0 to 80 degrees) and dip attachments
  • One hammer strength Smith machine
  • One hammer strength leg press
  • One hammer strength calf machine
  • One hammer strength glute/ham raise
  • Two hammer strength arm-curl machines
  • Two Olympic platform areas
  • One Life Fitness Multi-Jungle 8
  • One Life Fitness leg extension
  • One Life Fitness hamstring curl
  • One Life Fitness pectoral machine
  • Two sets 5-100, one Set 105-130 - Hampton Gel Grip dumbbells
  • Three (0 to 80 degrees), two (negative-15 to 75 degrees) adjustable benches
  • One decline abdominal bench
  • York rubber-encased steel Iso-Grip plates
  • 1 Vertec

The treadmills and elliptical machines in the nautilus room in the Maggs Center Maggs Fitness Room (second level)

  • Three Life Fitness 95 Ti Treadmills w/iPod integration
  • Four Life Fitness 95 Ti treadmills
  • Four Life Fitness 95 Ri recumbent bikes
  • Four Life Fitness 95 Ci upright bikes
  • Five Life Fitness 95 Xi ellipticals
  • Four Life Fitness 95 Si stairclimbers
  • Magnum-Pin Loaded equipment
  • medicine balls: 8,10,12,15,20
  • Six Physioballs
  • Seven Schwinn Evolution Spin Bikes
  • Seven Bodycycle Avenger Spin Bikes

 East Main Campus Weight Room

  • Seven ProMaxima half racks  with platforms and adjustable benches
  • Three adjustable benches and one decline abdominal bench
  • Two ProMaxima power thrusters
  • The weight room for the varsity athletes at East Campus Two ProMaxima lat-pull machines
  • Two ProMaxima seated-row machines
  • Two ProMaxima four-way neck machines
  • Two ProMaxima glute/ham raise machines
  • One ProMaxima Power Runner
  • One ProMaxima four-way Power Drive Sled
  • One ProMaxima leg extension machine
  • One ProMaxima hamstring-curl machine
  • Two Sets: 5-100 Troy Pro-Style Dumbbells
  • York Plates
  • Three sets: plyo boxes
  • Two ABC agility ladders
  • Three each - 8,10,12,14 - Dynamax medicine balls
  • Six medicine balls - 2-to-3 pounds.
  • Two Bosu balls
  • Eight physioballs
  • Four Dyna Discs
  • Two Airex pads
  • Two X-Vest Weight Vests
  • Two Uni-Vest Weight Vests
  • Three Sport Cords: The Cat

 Pictures of the SU Weight Rooms

 Workout equipment in the nautilus room in Maggs Center
 Free weights over at the varsity workout room
 Free weights in the weight room in Maggs Center
 More workout equipment used at SU


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